Reach thousands of real people using social media as your gateway.

We’re opening up Ocusocial to select entrepreneurs, entertainers, and individuals at a discounted rate and by invitation only. Get access to the fastest guaranteed way to reach thousands of real people, and grow your social media presence simultaneously.

Notifications are how you get their attention.

Your audience takes their smartphone everywhere, so the most valuable place to be is beside all of their notifications. Your campaign will put you on the notification panel of 50,000+ real people every month.

“Mobile traffic will continue to rise rise rise as smart devices take over the world”–Forbes.

Reference:Forbes 2014 “Mobile Traffic Will Continue…”

A study published by Cisco revealed that in the next 3 years “There will be 5.2 billion global mobile users, up from 4.3 billion”–Cisco

Reference:Forbes 2014 “Mobile Traffic Will Continue…”

Focused on your target audience.

Our team designs your campaign, and our system will follow through hand picking people each day that fit the description of your target market, based on their interest and behavior on social media.

Guaranteed growth every month.

Your campaign will produce measurable results every month in the forms of followers, comments, likes and other engagement. On average our clients experience growth by roughly 2,000 followers total between both Instagram and Twitter

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Agency Partner

Robert Reifert

We’re excited to open up this opportunity to consistently grow your targeted following on social media, which has been so fruitful for business customers of the agency. Please let me know if there is anything my team and I can do to help, and feel free to share this invitation with entrepreneurs in your inner circle.

I received a business inquiry for $40,000 and landed a $4.000 dollar contract all in the first month of my own campaign. There is no better tool for maximizing your overall effectiveness on social media with measurable results. There simply isn’t” -Rex Gershom (@rexgershom).


The most effective way to promote yourself using Instagram & Twitter.

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Ocu is an American design consultancy serving companies of all sizes, all over the world. Work intimately with experts on graphic design, branding, illustration, website design and marketing strategy to define your vision and bring it to life.

Starter Plan

What you can expect:
27,000+ Impressions /month.
1,000 new followers /month


Standard Plan

What you can expect:

54,000+ Impressions /month.

2,000 new followers /month


Pro Standard

What you can expect:

54,000+ Impressions /month.

2,000 new followers /month


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