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Spots are limited. Start talking to homebuyers in your region now.

Take your purchase pipeline into your own hands with a powerful, easy-to-use system that consistently and reliably originates opportunities to help real people purchase homes. Using advanced digital strategy to direct all of the incoming interest to you first modifies the antiquated referral dynamic with real estate agents for the better of both parties. It’s the ultimate sales engine for the modern MLO.

Introducing Homebuyer Campaign

Power up your purchase pipeline.
Write more loans.

We’ve leveraged our team, tools and expertise to develop a system which consistently and reliably generates exclusive opportunities to help real people purchase homes. We are proud to present Homebuyer Campaign.

What you can expect:

Starting at $1,500/mo.*

  • Grow your purchase pipeline by millions

  • Provide measurable value to your realtors

  • Build more prosperous referral partnerships

  • Never wait for referrals to trickle in from realtors

  • Connect with as many home shoppers as you can handle

  • Easier calls with more personal introductions

  • Integrated with your favorite CRM

  • Leverage advanced social media strategy with clear ROI

  • Simple month-to-month agreement

  • Call & Text Support

“When our team wrote 3.86M in pre-approvals and sent a deal into contract within the first 10 days we knew we needed to circle back and discuss implementing the strategy on a grander scale…”

“When our team wrote 3.86M in pre-approvals and sent a deal into contract within the first 10 days we knew we needed to circle back and discuss implementing the strategy on a grander scale…”

Homebuyer Leads

Real people waiting for your call.

They gave us their phone number and are waiting for a call. They reached out to us on one of their favorite social media platforms with interest in buying a home in your region. If they don’t get a call from you or your team soon, they’ll typically reach back out to us and wonder why so your team can call with confidence.

Call Cadence

Easy, more personal introductions.

You’ll open these calls with a warm personal greeting and introduce yourself as a professional with credentials later – afterall these home shoppers are real people, and you are a real person too, qualified to help make their dream of becoming a home-owner come true.

“Hi John? Hey! You reached out to us on Facebook, you were looking to buy a house in…”

“Yes I am…”

“Great, I can help. Let me ask you a question, have you been pre-approved for a mortgage yet?”

Simple Workflow

Access your homebuyer campaign list via a simple live Google sheet or your favorite CRM.

You’ll get an email notification to let you know you’ve just received another home shopper lead, and you’ll access a full list via a simple live Google sheet or an integration with your favorite CRM.

Choose your volume

As much opportunity
as you can handle.

$15.00 per lead introductory rate

At our introductory rate of $15 per lead, you can start with a minimum of 100 homebuyer leads per month, or see below for our standard recommendation.

Team Size






Real Time Leads












Introductory Rate**







Benefits for your realtors,
benefits for you.

  • Low cost per opportunity.

  • Higher conversion rates.
  • No waiting for referrals.

  • Warmer calls.

  • Adds value to existing realtor relationships.

  • Tool for building new realtor relationships.

  • Unlimited potential.

About us

Ocu is a New York based marketing consultancy working with clients of all sizes—all over the world.

Ocu Agency is an American marketing consultancy partnering with companies of all sizes throughout the United States and abroad for over a decade. Our multi-disciplinary team combines over a decade of proficiency in marketing, graphic design, branding, illustration, website design and user experience to provide our clients with some of the most sophisticated marketing strategies ever developed.

Our approach

Fresh eyes, years of marketing proficiency.

We approached this industry with fresh eyes almost 7 years ago and immediately recognized exciting new, virtually untapped, opportunities. By pairing expert-level digital strategy with an arguably critical adjustment to the standard realtor-loan officer referral dynamic we were able to develop a framework which would consistently and predictably create opportunities to help people purchase their homes while simultaneously introducing a far more efficient workflow for the real estate industry as a whole.

Better for the consumer and professionals alike. We’re seeking the best and the brightest mortgage loan officers and brokerages from every region to participate in what we believe to be an incredibly special advantage.


Edward Haar

Edward Haar

Marketer, Co-Founder


Call and text support.

You matter to us, and we take your satisfaction seriously. So when you have a question, concern or comment about your campaign, you can dial, text or call at your convenience and be in touch with a real person dedicated to your campaign, and who has the actual authority to help.


See what our clients are saying.

Our clients have been satisfied with their results, and they are pretty vocal about it. See for your self.

“On one of my first leads that turned into an active deal. I extracted a CPA referral relationship with the borrower’s accountant. I have seen an exponential ROI on these leads due to relationships I made from clients as well as conversations with qualified borrowers who were expecting my call and wanted to speak about purchasing a home. Very satisfied with these leads!

James Woltmann, Intercontinental Capital Group

“Since I started using Ocu my lead generation has more than tripled. They are always there when I need them and they make sure we get everything at a timely fashion. Thank you so much for all you do.”

Mathew Klein, My Realty Resource Center

“Leads from Eddie were actually close-able, and helped us start to grow our business. If you’re in the market for lead services, do yourself a favor!”

Sal Rizzolo, Cardinal Financial & HomeSmart Premier Living Realty

“When i first got into the mortgage industry, i was inexperienced, confused, and didn’t know where i would get my business. So when i was introduced to the leads i was so happy to have valuable source of people who were looking to buy a home. long island homes for sale leads provided me a opportunity to get clients and be able to convert them to closed deals. i am forever grateful for the leads because they turned into clients and then relationships where they now refer me business! ”

Brittany Aikhuele, Intercontinental Capital Group

“In my first month as a licensed mortgage loan officer working strictly off of Ocu MSA leads I established a multi-million dollar pipeline and I haven’t looked back. So grateful to have partnered with Gershom and Eddie.”

Richard Alvarez, United Mortgage

“Working with Ocu has been a complete pleasure. I love the reward of helping someone purchase their home. The leads they generate are very receptive to my help and it makes it all easier and worthwhile. Cannot thank them enough!”

Lewis Riedel, United Mortgage

“My experience with Ocu Agency’s new referral accelerator program was tremendous. We initiated our campaign with 26 property listings from a few of our referral partners, and within 3 days we wrote 1.86M in pre-approvals. I couldn’t have been happier with our investment…”

Fiore D'Angelou, Cardinal Financial

“These guys are the real deal. The leads we get have been top of the line. They make everyone’s job easier. Highest recommendation.”

Scott Wein, My Realty Resource Center

“These guys have the best leads in real estate and mortgages by far.”

Ashley Serrata, My Discount Property

“My team and I have seen great success working closely with Ocu Agency. I personally wrote over 70 applications in just about 30 days. 15 of which became pre-approvals!”

Sedrick Ambroise, My Discount Property

“Made some of my best appointments from their team. The type that actually need my offices assistance and close themselves. Truly have made a difference in my business and my clients lives.”

Anthony D'Amato, Emerald City Realty

“Real talk – it works! I’ve done my research and tried or attempted a few avenues. BUT when all was said and done, these guys did their homework. The best leads bar none. 👍

Sergio Rodriguez, Nexus Funding

“Great team of experienced marketing professionals. My sales increased exactly as the agent explained they would in the proposal. Highly recommend. Will be doing future business, thank you”

Conor McCarthy, TRU Capital

Getting started

Start connecting with more homebuyers.

Start your Homebuyer Campaign at a 50% reduced introductory rate of $15.00 per lead monthly.

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Choose your quantity

Starting at $1,500monthly
  • (Introductory Rate)

500 Leads

  • (Introductory Rate)

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are these leads exclusive?2019-07-21T22:54:38-04:00

Always. You and your team will be the only ones to receive the incoming interest that results from your campaign so it’s important you make a commitment to connect with each and every one of them in a timely manner. Typically, if one of your contacts doesn’t hear from you within a few days, they’ll reach back out to our office wondering why!

What is Homebuyer Campaign?2022-12-01T17:30:39-05:00

Homebuyer Campaign from Ocu Agency is a sales engine designed to offer mortgage loan officers a predictable way to tap into the potential of social media for connecting with home buyers. With a simple pay-per-lead cost structure MLO’s are empowered to benefit from being the primary contact for all of the incoming home shopper interest.