Reach thousands of real people using social media as your gateway.

For a limited time and by invitation only, we’re opening up Ocusocial to entrepreneurs, entertainers and individuals at a discounted rate. Get access to the fastest guaranteed way to reach thousands of real people, and grow your social media presence simultaneously.

Notifications are how you get their attention.

Your audience takes their smartphone everywhere, so the most valuable place to be is beside all of their notifications. Your campaign will put you on the notification panel of 50,000+ real people every month.

50K+ monthly

1.8K daily

“Mobile traffic will continue to rise rise rise as smart devices take over the world” – Forbes

A study published by Cisco revealed that in the next 3 years “There will be 5.2 billion global mobile users, up from 4.3 billion” – Cisco

Focused on your target audience.

Our team designs your campaign, and our system will follow through hand picking people each day that fit the description of your target market, based on their interest and behavior on social media.

Guaranteed growth every month.

Your campaign will produce measurable results every month in the forms of followers, comments, likes and other engagement. On average our clients experience growth by roughly 2,000 followers total between both Instagram and Twitter.

You’ve been personally invited to our marketing platform.

Robert Reifert

(631) 806-1095 robertreifert@ocuagency.com @colormero.

“We’re excited to open up this opportunity to consistently grow your targeted following on social media, which has been so fruitful for business customers of the agency. Please let me know if there is anything my team and I can do to help, and feel free to share this invitation with entrepreneurs in your inner circle.”

The most effective way to promote yourself using Instagram & Twitter.

Massive outreach.

Your campaign will send 50,000+ notifications to your target audience through your Instagram and Twitter account, resulting in tons of traffic to your pages where people will learn about what you have to offer.

Guaranteed Growth.

We guarantee your followers on both Instagram and Twitter will grow substantially each month as a result of this campaign. On average our clients gain a total of 2000 or more followers between both platforms.

Real engagement.

Your campaign will get the attention of hundreds of real people every day, so all of the follows, likes, comments and inquiries that results will be 100% authentic.

Extremely targeted.

We’ll target the people who fit the description of your best fans or customers in order to ensure maximum results in followers, engagement and business inquiries.

Custom tailored.

No solution is the same. Your campaign is tailored to your very specific needs by the marketing minds of Ocu who have been working with start ups to multi-million dollar companies all over the world for over a decade.

Exclusive advantage.

This unique advantage will be expressly yours, as we’re limiting the service to the first 1,000 respondents who we would like to work with. We’re a boutique firm, and our primary concern is to provide our treasured loyal clients with intense value and personalized service. If we ever plan on opening the lines up in the future, our account holders will be the first to know.

It only takes 4 simple steps to see results.

We find your potential customers

We discover people who fit the profile of your best customers by monitoring behavior, interests and locations.

We alert/notify them on their mobile device

By “following” your potential customer we send a notification directly to the notification screen of their smart phone which means your brand gets up close and personal right beside messages from their friends and family – without being intrusive. People love getting new followers, because it increases their influence and popularity on their profile.

They click to see who is responsible for the notification

When your potential customer receives the notification they brieflly examine your posts to determine if they like what your about, comment on your posts or offers and share with their friends.

You respond to all interest

Every time you receive a like, comment or direct message on your profile the best practice is to engage with a positive, personal, interest. Your brand grows when you put value on every potential and current relationship.

What clients are saying.

Yentl Polanco

“2 business inquiries for my private practice in my first month speaks for itself. Really happy I invested.”

Darrick Collins

“in PR you learn quickly how critical attention is. This is an incredible amount of attention for the price and it’s a must for my clients. Many of them are already set up. Thanks again Rex.”

Victoria Reifert

“Many thanks to @Ocusocial. I’ve experienced an incredible surge in followers over such a short period, and I am ecstatic.”

Carlos Conde

“When I started using Ocusocial I really didn’t know what to expect, or how long it would take to see my audience grow. Within 15 days I received 1,500 additional followers! The best part was when I just made a major sale two days ago. I would have not gotten that sale if it wasn’t for Ocusocial’s exposure!”

Joe Raccioppi

“In such a short period of time I’m seeing major results and major growth on my social media presence and I highly recommend Ocusocial for all your online marketing needs. Rex Gershom is brilliant and couldn’t imagine having a different designer, developer, and marketing genius on my team.”

Kinya Claiborne

“These guys are true leaders when it comes to providing excellent results-driven service in social media marketing, marketing strategy and branding! they have helped my brand grow substantially in a short amount of time. Thank you for the work you do!”

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