Get your business seen by thousands of potential customers every day.

As a business owner you’ve come to understand that it’s important to have a presence on social media, and you’ve spent time, energy, and human resources to have and maintain that presence. We’ve developed a unique technology that leverages Instagram and Twitter in a practical, measurable way to make certain your business is seen by contacting your target market directly through smart phone notifications. This is the power to reach up to 4,500 people or more every day, and 135,000 people every month, while guaranteeing consistent growth on your social media. We call it Ocusocial Business Class.

Introducing Ocusocial

Ocusocial is an innovative service from Ocu Agency that enables you to grab the attention of thousands of real people within your target market on social media by sending them a smart phone notification. A traditional approach to social media leaves it up to chance that people will find, likfe, and share your content. We’ve designed an effective, practical, and measurable solution that drives thousands of real people to see your brand every day, jump starting that process organically and assuring results. Our proprietary technology turns your average Instagram or Twitter profile into an effective, automated prospecting machine that puts you in front of thousands of your potential customers in a personal way without ever being intrusive, and instead – welcomed.

Ocusocial is the service we have offered to small businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate thei growth and exposure with measurable results.

Rex Gershom

(917) 659-3613 @rexgershom.

“I received a business inquiry for $40,000 and landed a $4,000 dollar contract all in the first month of my own campaign. There is no better tool for maximizing your overall effectiveness on social media with measurable results. There simply isn’t.”

How It Works

We find your potential customers on social media.

We can find your potential customers by the contents of their posts, the posts they like and comment on, the people and businesses they follow, and alternatively the locations they post from.

We alert/notify them on their mobile device.

Your campaign reaches your prospects up close and personal by sending a notification directly to the notification screen of their smartphone. Your notifcation appears right beside messages from their friends and family, without ever being intrusive.

They click to see who is responsible for the notification.

Your potential customer receives the notification, examines your posts and either follows, comments or shares with their followers.

You respond to all interest.

Every time you receive a like, comment or direct message on your profile, you follow up by engaging with a positive, personal, interest and your brand grows.

Your on social media to get your business seen. We can guarantee the eyes.

We’re proposing to get you started with an Ocusocial campaign that grabs the attention of up to 4,500 people every month making sure your time, energy and resource spent on social media do not go to waste.

Grab their attention from where they often look.

Your customers take their smartphone everywhere, so the most valuable place for your business to be is inside their notification panel right next to texts from their friends and loved ones.

What clients are saying.

Yentl Polanco

“2 business inquiries for my private practice in my first month speaks for itself. Really happy I invested.”

Darrick Collins

“in PR you learn quickly how critical attention is. This is an incredible amount of attention for the price and it’s a must for my clients. Many of them are already set up. Thanks again Rex.”

Eddie Haar

“Our social media presence generates 2-3 leads to people we can help on a monthly basis. Thank you Ocu!”

Carlos Conde

“When I started using Ocusocial I really didn’t know what to expect, or how long it would take to see my audience grow. Within 15 days I received 1,500 additional followers! The best part was when I just made a major sale two days ago. I would have not gotten that sale if it wasn’t for Ocusocial’s exposure!”

Joe Raccioppi

“In such a short period of time I’m seeing major results and major growth on my social media presence and I highly recommend Ocusocial for all your online marketing needs. Rex Gershom is brilliant and couldn’t imagine having a different designer, developer, and marketing genius on my team.”

Kinya Claiborne

“These guys are true leaders when it comes to providing excellent results-driven service in social media marketing, marketing strategy and branding! they have helped my brand grow substantially in a short amount of time. Thank you for the work you do!”

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