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Max Exposure Instagram Consulting

Reach over a quarter million real people this year on Instagram.

Introducing Max Exposure

Grow your presence on Instagram, quickly and reliably.
From the team that has guaranteed growth for over 5 years

Max Exposure is the premium consulting-as-a-service offering from Ocu Agency that pairs expert advice with hands-on services to demand eyes and organic growth for your business. Join our clients who have seen tremendous growth for over 5 years.


  • Reach 250K+ People this year on Instagram
  • Completely organic strategy

  • Growth is guaranteed.

  • Focused on your target audience

  • Call & Text Support

  • SMS Updates

Audience Development

Grow your audience. Guaranteed.

Social media makes it simple enough to reach real people, we just arm you with a team led by experts and the proper man hours to systematically engage people from your target audience. We’ve done this for long enough to know what you can expect, and precisely what factors will improve your results.

Organic Reach

Put your business social media in front of well over 250,000 people this year.

You’ve been posting on social media, but that isn’t nearly “social” enough. And while hashtags do help you get seen, it isn’t fast paced enough and we watch businesses struggle continuously to grow their organic following. We put numeric reach to your organic social media by interacting with thousands of people on your behalf, based on the audience strategy we develop – using social media the way it was intended to drive maximum engagement and maximum results.


Call and text support.

You matter to us, and we take your satisfaction seriously. So when you have a question, concern or comment about your campaign, you can dial, text or call at your convenience and be in touch with a real person dedicated to your campaign, and who has the actual authority to help.


See what our clients are saying.

We’ve been guaranteeing growth for our clients throughout the United States and abroad for over 5 years now. Our clients have been satisfied with their results, and they are pretty vocal about it. See for your self.


These guys are true leaders when it comes to providing excellent results-driven service in social media marketing, marketing strategy and branding! They have helped my brand grow substantially in a short amount of time. Thank you for the work you do!

Joseph Racioppi, Fishlife Aquariums


These guys are true leaders when it comes to providing excellent results-driven service in social media marketing, marketing strategy and branding! They have helped my brand grow substantially in a short amount of time. Thank you for the work you do!

Kinya Claiborne, Style & Society


These guys are true leaders when it comes to providing excellent results-driven service in social media marketing, marketing strategy and branding! They have helped my brand grow substantially in a short amount of time. Thank you for the work you do!

Sarah Dunbar, SOLH Center


Not only have they delivered and all their promises, and I’ve over doubled in followers in just a few months, but their customer service is exceptional. Robert always responds to my texts and is there to answer any questions I may have. If you’re looking to grow your business and socials I recommend them.

Brad Sniadach, Cooda Music


I recently started a Instagram account for my business about 6 months ago, my biggest fear was not the content itself but the ability to gain followers. The only thing worse then a business without social media is a business on social media without a following. The guys at occusal have put my mind at ease continuaslly proving their word on gaining followers monthly and upkeep of my account! Thanks guys!!

Stephanie McLaughlin, Hostess with the Mostess


Since I’ve been managed by Ocusocial, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in new followships by real engaged social media users which has translated to new bookings for my services as a professional photographer. Couldn’t be happier. A+!I really appreciate what ocusocial has done for my social media accounts .. I’m comedian from Chicago and now the world can see my content .. Thanks Ocusocial

Cole Ippoliti, Photographer


Ocusocial helped us do that and then some. All of a sudden we were not only seeing a huge increase in followers, but we were creating relationships. We started regionally with a fine tuned strategy and continued to increase our exposure every day.


Ocu took over my one of Instagram accounts that I hadn’t launched with a single follower yet, and I have to admit I didn’t pay attention like I should have. When I turned around I had 9k followers, now I have over 12,000 and a lot of requests for potential business that I need to catch up on!! Not Abad problem to have.

Matt Taylor, Better Holdings


True Professionals! As promised my business instagram account has exploded! My followers have doubled in less than one week, and I have made some great connections.

Luann Reifert, Photographer


When I started using Ocusocial I really didn’t know what to expect, or how long it would take to see my audience grow. Within 15 days I received 1500 additional followers. The best part was when I just made a major sale two days ago. I would have not gotten that sale if it wasn’t for Ocusocial’s exposure!

Carlos Conde, Rafael Beats


Ocusocial provides excellent branding and marketing techniques to help strive your business. Professional, with wide social impact and instant results. A+ status all around!

Chastity Palmer-Davis, GBS Boutique

Getting started

Start reaching more real people today.

You’ve never experienced growth at this rate. Putting a business in a genuine, personal way in front of millions of people has a profound effect on every business, every time.

Can’t decide? Get help.

Call 212.500.1305.

Max Exposure

  • Reach .25M+ annually
  • Guaranteed growth
  • Profile/Content Optimization
  • Audience Strategy
  • Phone & Text Support
  • SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Reports

Questions before getting started? Give us a call.



Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes this pay-for service organic?2019-03-20T15:48:28-04:00

Sponsored Ads fall under the category of paid media. None of your budget with us goes toward sponsored ads. With your campaign we are consistently and systematically interacting with people from your target audience to make them aware of you. These soft impressions are up close and personal, never sponsored and accumulate over time to give you far more reach then you’ve ever seen on the platform without the use of an expensive traditional advertising budget. Ads on social media work too, but you have to reach far more people with a sponsored advertisement to get the same personal response. Tests have shown that it can take up to 20 times more “paid” reach to achieve the same amount of engagement as organic reach. This isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t invest in sponsored ads as they are a tremendous way to drive traffic from the most important attention platforms on the planet, however I would suggest the 2 are so far different in terms of cost and impact that I would advise leveraging them both and usually introduce paid advertising at different stages in a business.

What will you need from me?2019-03-20T15:49:07-04:00

Your cooperation is crucial to this process, but we won’t need a ton of it. We’ll need access to your accounts, and sometimes, but not too often we’ll text you an update that requires a response. Otherwise you can rest assured our team has your organic reach covered. In addition, we’ll make recommendations for optimizing your profile and content to help you accomplish your business objectives. We’ve also noticed that clients who respond to any incoming prospects with a personal interest get the most out of your campaign. If you are far too busy in your business to be responsive to incoming interest on Instagram, that’s okay too. We can optimize your profile in accordance, or you may be interested in our Community Management add-on.

Am I locked into a contract?2018-09-27T18:09:25-04:00

No! Our clients reserve the right to cancel at any moment! We like to think our services will speak for themselves, so we never lock clients into lengthy agreements. With that being said, we do strongly recommend a minimum of 3 months for a more true evaluation of our services.  Organic audience development is no easy task, and it is definitely one that favors momentum.

How soon can I expect to see growth?2018-09-27T17:57:13-04:00

Within 3 business days you will undoubtedly begin to see a difference in traffic to your profile in the form of new followers, likes, comments and direct messages. The first month* is often the slowest, as this is when we take the time to understand your business objectives, test and hone our strategy and slowly increase the rate of impressions, however by your second month your audience development strategy is typically in full effect.