Sponsored Ads fall under the category of paid media. None of your budget with us goes toward sponsored ads. With your campaign we are consistently and systematically interacting with people from your target audience to make them aware of you. These soft impressions are up close and personal, never sponsored and accumulate over time to give you far more reach then you’ve ever seen on the platform without the use of an expensive traditional advertising budget. Ads on social media work too, but you have to reach far more people with a sponsored advertisement to get the same personal response. Tests have shown that it can take up to 20 times more “paid” reach to achieve the same amount of engagement as organic reach. This isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t invest in sponsored ads as they are a tremendous way to drive traffic from the most important attention platforms on the planet, however I would suggest the 2 are so far different in terms of cost and impact that I would advise leveraging them both and usually introduce paid advertising at different stages in a business.